8 Attachments You Need to Turn Your Equipment Into a Snow Removal Machine

When snow flies this winter, make sure your fleet is prepared. With heavy snowfall comes the opportunity for expanding your business. Using the right Bobcat attachments, you can turn your Toolcat™ Utility Work Machine, mini track loader, skid-steer loader, compact track loader, small articulated loader or compact tractor into an excellent snow removal machine.

Here are eight Bobcat attachments to help you retire traditional snow removal tools, like shovels, and plow your way through even the deepest snowdrifts.

1. Plow Through Heavy Snow With a Snow Pusher Pro Attachment

While clearing snow from a smooth and flat surface is ideal, it’s not always the reality. The snow pusher pro is a heavy duty snow removal tool that makes light work of tough winter challenges. Designed to seamlessly transition from snow plow to box plow, the snow pusher pro helps you quickly remove snow from uneven surfaces without causing damage to paving stones, decorative concrete or sloped sidewalks.

2. Clear Light Snow With an Angle Broom Attachment

If you’re looking for a way to clear light snow without damaging the surface beneath, an angle broom attachment is a great option for you. While it’s an excellent skid-steer attachment, you can also use an angle broom with your compact track loader, Toolcat, mini track loader or small articulated loader. The angle broom offers great versatility through warmer months, since it can easily clear away dirt, dried mud and other lightweight debris in tight or wide open spaces.

3. Remove Hard-Packed Snow With a Scraper Attachment

No matter how much you love the snow, hard-packed ice is a pain – and even a danger – for everyone. Create a clear surface for walking or driving with the scraper attachment. With its self-sharpening cutting edge, you can easily slide the blade beneath stubborn ice, mud or snow and break up those tough-to-manage materials.

4. Move Light to Moderate With a Snow Blade Attachment

Most snow clearing happens early in the morning or at night. A snow blade attachment is designed with high visibility masts at each end of the moldboard, so you can always see the corners of the blade – even if you’re working in low-light conditions. When choosing a snow blade, make sure to find an option that allows you to move the blade 30 degrees to the right and to the left. This feature is the key to helping you easily move snow wherever you want it.

5. Haul Heavy Snow With a Snow Bucket Attachment

If you live in an area with heavy snowfall, you know how heavy a large pile of snow can be. Instead of breaking your back lifting that load with a shovel, a snow bucket attachment can easily lift and carry the drift across your property. A front-end loader attachment is also a great option if you’re using a compact tractor to help maintain your farm or acreage.

6. Cut Through Deep Drifts With a Snow V-Blade Attachment

Never get stuck in a snowy rut again. The snow v-blade attachment helps you plow through the deepest drifts and push large piles of snow in parking lots, driveways and roadways. With five blade options to choose from, you can find the perfect configuration for your needs. The v-blade cuts an initial path through deep, heavy or hard-packed snow, the scoop blade collects and holds snow for removal, the left angle blade quickly and easily moves snow to your left, the right angle blade moves snow to the right and the straight blade gives maximum width for piling snow banks and cleaning light snow cover.

7. Throw Heavy Snow Drifts With a Snowblower Attachment

Who doesn’t love throwing snow? Do it in style – and use half the effort – with the snowblower attachment. Enjoy the comfort of a heated cab while you use the attachment to easily clear a path on driveways, sidewalks and parking lots. Even when you have high volumes of snow, you can easily blow it up and over obstacles, and out of the way. With a snow blower attachment, you can easily turn your compact track loader, skid-steer loader, small articulated loader or Toolcat into an efficient snow removal machine.

8. Clear Up Icy Surfaces With a Spreader Attachment

When high standards are on the line, the spreader is the perfect attachment to clear snow and ice right down to the pavement. This snow removal tool helps you effortlessly apply salt and sand to parking lots, sidewalks and driveways. It’s also tough enough to withstand different sand and salt combinations, so you won’t have to worry about the attachment corroding over time.

Ready to turn your equipment into a snow removal machine? Contact Summit Bobcat for more information on our selection of Bobcat snow removal attachments.