Bob-Tach Attachment Systems

Power And Agility

Do Big Things in Small Spaces with Bob-Tach Attachment Systems

Turn one Bobcat® compact track loader or skid-steer loader into a versatile fleet by adding Bobcat attachments. Standard or hydraulic-powered loader attachments can be changed out quickly and easily using the Bob-Tach® or Power Bob-Tach mounting systems for even greater versatility and efficiency. A cast-steel system provides a strong connection point with more metal where it’s really needed. It has fewer welds overall, plus an opening that allows dirt and debris to pass through. Altogether, it provides solid, reliable attachment connections to your compact loader, plus less debris buildup.


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    Bob-Tach Attachment Mounting System

    Developed more than 35 years ago, the standard Bob-Tach mounting system is time-tested. With it, you can change attachments quickly and easily. Use a bucket, auger, landscape rake, grapple and other loader attachments throughout your day.

    To mount an attachment, simply line up your compact loader’s mounting plate to the attachment, engage the attachment wedges, and lower levers until they’re locked securely in place.

    Power Bob-Tach Attachment Mounting System

    Quickly swap non-hydraulic loader attachments without leaving your seat. For hydraulic loader attachments, all you need to do is hook up the hoses after you have secured the attachment to your compact loader.

    Using the Power Bob-Tach mounting system is fast and easy. After lining up your attachment to your compact loader, simply press a switch inside the cab to engage the wedges into the attachment. It locks into place and keeps the attachment secure.

    Interested in getting a Bob-Tach attachment mounting system for your equipment? Reach out to us!