How to streamline your parts and service appointment

Does your Bobcat equipment need attention? Summit Bobcat is your go-to source for genuine Bobcat parts that are designed to keep your Bobcat running like a Bobcat.

To expedite the process, it’s important to share detailed information with Summit Bobcat’s parts and service specialist. Whether you’re calling, texting or emailing, sending your employees to us, or stopping by the dealership yourself, make sure you have this information available. Here’s some of the information that will help get you back to the jobsite quicker.

Model and Serial Number

Please have your model and serial number handy. While we have the ability to look up this information, taking a photo of the model and serial number or writing it down helps speed up the process. We suggest keeping an electronic log of your machines’ serial numbers on your cell phone. You may also keep track of the parts you’ve ordered in the past for quick reference.

Serial numbers reveal whether your machine was an early or later model as well as the engine model. Different models may require different parts or service procedures, so it’s critical that your Bobcat dealer knows the serial number of your particular machine.

Damaged or broken part

If you have a damaged or broken part, bring the part along any notes detailing where it was inside your machine. This ensures that you purchase the correct replacement. Taking a photo of the part while it’s still on the machine also provides helpful context as to the part’s location — especially for parts such as hydraulic tubes that are found in multiple places on the machine.

If you know the name of the damaged part and would like to know more about it, visit our online parts catalog. There you can filter by model and serial number to search for a specific part. By adding the parts you’re researching to your “pick list” you can then show a list of what you need to our Bobcat parts and service specialist. This is a great way to explain exactly what you’re looking for.

In the case of a software issue, record the error code that your machine’s deluxe instrument panel displays and share that with our Bobcat service department.

Description of the problem

When ordering a new part from Summit Bobcat, make sure to explain any issues your machine may be having that led to the failure of that part. Our Bobcat parts and service specialist can help determine whether the damage to the part was caused by normal wear and tear or if a more serious problem could be at play.

Priority level

Be prepared to provide the parts and service department with a timeline of when you need the replacement part. Will you need it delivered to your business or jobsite, or can you pick up the part from our dealership? Do you need overnight, 1-day or 2-day shipping, or can the part wait for regular ground shipping or the dealership’s stock order? Having a time frame in mind will help us better cater to your needs and prevents miscommunication concerning timing.

It’s also important to keep in mind that shipping costs depend on the price of the part due to rush fees. The heavier the part, the more expensive the rush fee will be.

For more information on Bobcat parts and service, contact our parts department.