Articulating Tractors Features

Looks mean. works easy.

Bring Versatility to Your Farm or Backyard with Bobcat AT450 Articulating Tractor

Meet the Bobcat® AT450 articulating tractor, a powerhouse in the farming and landscaping industries, sets itself apart with unique articulating and oscillating capabilities. With stable maneuverability and fiercely uncompromising versatility, this tractor is designed to tackle an endless barrage of to-dos. Whether you’re maintaining an acreage, farm, commercial property or grounds, golf course, or sports facility, this tractor is ready to attack your work from any angle.

A powerful and versatile equipment designed for demanding tasks

Get everything done with the new Bobcat AT450. Multiple attachments for every job, 32.5 hp engine, Bobcat durability, and a hydrostatic drive system for maximum comfort and control.

0% Financing or Cash Rebates on Utility Vehicles

Buy now and receive 0% financing for 48 months*, or, in lieu of financing, receive rebates of up to $1,200*.

This offer ends 12/30/2023.


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    Versatility at Every Twist

    With a powerful engine, standard front hitch, built-in dual LED headlights and tail lights, and boundless versatility features coupled with a broad lineup of capable attachments, you can accomplish more with one tractor. 

    Operator Friendly Design

    With a large platform, conveniently located controls and ergonomically placed foot pegs, the AT450 Articulating Tractor is equipped to keep operators comfortable all day or night. The AT450 has a small footprint and is a powerful machine, with strategically placed tie-down points transportation is easy.

    Increased Stability and Maneuverability

    With four wheel drive, an exclusive hydraulic traction boost system, articulating and oscillating frame, and low center of gravity, you can approach hills, dips, contours and many types of terrain with confidence. 


    Farm & Home

    Golf Courses​

    There’s work to be done, and the list keeps getting bigger with each acre you maintain. Like you, we know that not all tools are created equal. It’s your land, and you maintain it your way—with the best tools. Because the best tools get the job done right the first time. Bobcat not only provides exceptional quality and slope-mowing capabilities for steep contours and terrain, it also gives you the attachment options you need to tackle more tasks—without having to buy additional specialty equipment. 

    Superintendents need slope-mowing and rough-cut mowing capabilities for their course. But they also like the versatility that comes along with lots of attachment options and the peace of mind they get from mowing with an articulating, oscillating frame that won’t scalp or damage turf.

    Lawn & Landscape​

    Sports Turf

    Turf pros and business owners care about productivity, efficiency and the bottom line. With the Bobcat AT450 you not only get slope mowing capabilities. You also get four-season versatility designed to tackle any job in front of you— landscapes, hardscapes and anything in between.

    Playability is king for sports turf managers. But so is efficiency and versatility. Bobcat delivers a premium quality of cut with the versatile attachments sports turf managers need to tackle specialty jobs without having to rent or purchase additional specialty equipment.