Pro-Tech Snow Attachments

At Summit Bobcat, we know how important your job is to our community. While often underappreciated, a snow removal professional plays a critical role in keeping everyday life moving during a winter storm. You need equipment that works and refuses to break. We know you won’t settle for products that aren’t built as tough as you are. So, if you keep pushing snow, we’ll keep striving to bring you the best snow plows on the market. And that means Pro-Tech Sno Pushers.

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    Rubber Edge Sno Pusher

    The Original Snow Pusher

    The one that started it all. Considered by many to be the most popular containment plow in North America, the Rubber Edge Sno Pusher revolutionized the industry when it was first introduced in 1993. This model features Pro-Tech Rubber, which is not only extremely durable but also versatile and allows contractors to tackle multiple types of surfaces.

    • Perfect for most types of snowfall
    • Works great on surfaces sensitive to steel edges
    • Easy to operate and maintain
    • Wear shoes are hardened, abrasion & impact resistant

    Fusion Edge Sno Pusher

    A New Kind Of Sectional Snow Pusher

    Sometimes a property requires something more than just a standard snow pusher. It requires a snow plow of a higher caliber. That plow is the Fusion Edge Sno Pusher. This first of its kind containment plow is taking the industry by storm, so much so that it sold out last year before the season even started.

    • Steel-infused rubber cutting edge works great on all types of snow
    • Pro Float Coupler moves in all directions, allowing the edge to keep contact at all times
    • Fast Attack Shoes can adjust cutting edge depth in seconds
    • Industry-first edge can trip over obstacles such as manhole cover

    Pull Back Sno Pusher

    Push and Back Drag

    The Pullback Sno Pusher relieves the challenges and frustrations of clearing snow away from hard-to-reach places. This versatile model can operate as a Rubber Edge Sno Pusher but with one quick change of position, address tight areas that a standard containment plow cannot. In addition, the Pullback Sno Pusher can save customers time and money by lessening the need to shovel or operating smaller equipment in tight areas.  

    • Pulling snow away from loading docks, doors, and other tight areas  
    • Uses Pro-Tech Rubber-requires the use of pure compounds resulting in longer wear life  
    • Surfaces sensitive to steel edges  
    • Safe on all conditions 

    Turf Pusher

    Push and Back Drag

    The Pro-Tech Turf Pusher is the first snow pusher designed specifically for clearing sports turf fields. This lightweight but durable snow pusher smoothly glides over both natural and artificial turf and field covers. Customers can now always keep their sports turf fields operational during the winter.  

    The Turf Pusher takes seconds to connect, saving time and minimizing labor associated with hydraulics and couplers. Multiple connection types are also available (Toro, Bobcat, John Deere, etc.). Unlike conventional plows and brooms, the Turf Pusher has no moving parts, which minimizes or can even eliminate the time spent repairing equipment.  

    • Clear snow from turf sports fields with minimal displacement of crumb rubber  
    • Easy to operate and maintain  
    • Eliminate game or practice delays caused by snow  
    • Multiple connection types available 
    Plus, for Extra Traction

    Pro Cleats Tires

    Get A Grip With This Skid Steer Snow Tire

    The Pro Cleats thin profile cuts through snow and the aggressive tread pattern is designed specifically for use in slippery snow conditions. Some customers have reduced plowing time by 50% with these skid steer tires.

    Skid Steer tires designed for use in landscaping or construction will underperform a dedicated snow tire in the winter. Inadequate tires result in spinning tires, short pushes, and a frustrated operator. The aggressive tread pattern gives your skid steer incredible grip on the plowing surface.

    It is common to see significant improvements in productivity.

    • Narrow design cuts through snow
    • Tread pattern designed for maximum traction
    • Engineered for low temperatures
    • Can be used with most skid steers