Compact Excavators

Bobcat compact excavators handle big jobs in tight spaces

Enhanced power in a maneuverable package starts and ends with Bobcat® compact excavators. Featuring an extensive selection of machines ranging from 1 – 2 ton to 9 – 10 ton size classes, the Bobcat mini excavator lineup gives you the ability to maximize productivity and uptime in the toughest and most confined working conditions.

Each compact excavator we build is compatible with an array of specialized attachments and engineered to push your performance to new levels. Many of these models can be configured with industry-exclusive features – including the unique Pro Clamp™ system, Hydraulic X-Change™, and the extendable arm and depth check system. From initial model selection to your last day on the job, we make it easy to answer big challenges with a compact solution.

Increase productivity, achieve greater versatility and maximize profitability on every job

R2-Series compact excavators deliver the performance and versatility to push your productivity to the next level. They include enhanced features for more precise control to work more efficiently and comfort features to make tough jobs easier. As you face a larger variety of jobsites, R2-Series excavators quickly adapt, giving you the versatility to tackle more tasks and take profitability to a new level, too. You never stop pushing to do more. R2-Series excavators don’t either.

0% Financing or Cash Rebates on Compact Excavators

Break ground and save big with a new Bobcat compact excavator. Get 0% financing for up to 24 months or, in lieu of financing, receive select-model rebates of up to $5,000.

The offer ends on 12/31/2022.

Introducing R2-Series Compact Excavators

The revolution your work demands is here when you put the E42, E50 and E60 R2-Series excavators to work on your toughest jobs. See how enhanced compact excavator features help you push the limit to take your performance to a new level.

R2-Series Compact Excavators

Low-Effort Joysticks

Low-effort joysticks in R2-Series excavators respond easily to operator input, helping operators work longer with less fatigue.

Dual Flange Roller System

Dual flange track rollers extend the undercarriage structure closer to the track’s edge so you can dig with greater confidence over the side of the machine.

Multiple Arm Configurations

Multiple arm configurations are available on select models, including standard, long and extendable. Depending on the reach, depth, power, and lifting performance you need, there’s an arm to meet your job requirements.

Premium Cab

Premium comfort gives you the endurance to power through long days and tough jobs. When you step inside the Bobcat compact (mini) excavator cab, you’ll experience plenty of headroom and legroom, clear visibility, a larger suspension seat and more.

Touch Display

The most advanced in-cab display for compact equipment – optional on R2-Series excavators – provides detailed machine information and unprecedented device connectivity. View machine performance information on the wide touchscreen.

Depth Check System

The Bobcat® depth check system delivers accurate dig depth measurement for precise digging performance, eliminating over-digging and the costs associated with backfilling and compacting fill material. R2-Series models are depth check ready.

Pro Clamp System

The Pro Clamp™ system consists of a base component, standard pin-on work tool and optional grading tool. Grab large, small or irregular objects with greater confidence. Create a smooth trench bottom and clean up spoil piles quickly.

Integrated Lift Eye

The lift eye is standard on R2-Series excavators to provide a convenient method for handling objects or moving items in and out of the trench.

Optional Rear Camera

The optional rear camera for R2-Series excavators provides an additional viewpoint for working in certain applications. When needed, you can get a continuous rear view from the operator seat.

R2-Series Compact Excavator Buying Tools & Resources

Do More With Attachments

Turn one machine into a versatile fleet by adding powerful Bobcat attachments. Choose from the largest inventory in the industry.

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